Sarlat-la-caneda – The heart of Duckies

July 8, 2005

Foie gras here, foie gras there, foie gras everywhere!
The paradise of French food…. ola la la ! Everywhere we go, all the sign goes to charming little country restaurant with duck as the main course so we.. as a Duck lovers foods have decided to eat duck as much as we can.. For breakfast – omelet with a bit duck smoke breast. For lunch, duck lever salat. For dinner … confit de canard aux pommes de terre??? How about thät 😛
But The first thing we did, was rush to find a place to stay. We found a charming little castle, located 5 minutes from the old town center. We showered (or rather I showered just kind of rinsed off the legs and arms) and went into town for nice yummie lekker dinner because it’s pretty late already and we were afraid that they won’t let us have our dinners after 1000PM anymore. And we will miss our first duck dinner.

The first time I saw Sarlat, I came upon the town almost by chance and in my surprise and innocence, I was sure I had made a major travel discovery. No one is astonished to find a Middle-Ages fortress or a Renaissance palace almost anywhere in France, but to find a whole, perfectly preserved medieval town like Sarlat is rare and unexpected. Not the remains of a town, not ruins to be puzzled over with a guidebook, but a living, working community where the people pay surprisingly little attention to tourists and seem not to be especially aware of their remarkable surroundings.

Sarlat is quite busy and touristy, very much in contrast to some of the sleepy towns we had been driving through. The streets are lined with countless specialty shops. Vegetarians be warned, it is foie gras here, foie gras there, foie gras everywhere! Sarlat is no place for a vegan. This is duck and goose country, with the stores selling expensive foie gras, various flavoured pâtés, sausages and different types of innards. Salads are hard to come by in the daily market or restaurants. Nevertheless, the restored town center is quite beautiful and the Saturday market makes it well worth the trip. Another must is an evening walk through town, gas lamps illuminate the old medieval section of Sarlat, and the setting is quite romantic. My next day dream…. It must be everyone’s romantic ideal – fly to France, buy a summer home and dream of long French summers to come. The next life I will be born as A french… HAHAHA…. anyway my French not getting much better even I ate so much French food 🙂 and I couldn´t find Donald Duck, Dessy Duck and the rest of the famous Duck family here….
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