The SouthEast Asian Trip

February 14, 2006

I will leaving on my trip in a little more than four weeks, and while I’m whittling away at my to-do list, I still have many things to do. The following is a bit about the trip and I hope that, should you be traveling in the areas where I’ll be over the next 2 months, you’ll contact me, don’t you?The TripMy trip starts in Singapore, where I will meet other friends from Jakarta – So far I don’t know how many of us it will be. This will be my ten/eleventh trip to Singapore, so I know what to expect and the difficulties I will face, especially we will stay there only for 1 day. Place to visit in Singapore : Check …Suntec City,Little India, China Town, Raffles Place, Clarke Quay, CQTang, City Hall… what else in Singapore? nothing special.

And then from Singapore to Hanoi (others friends will take other route they will fly from Singapore to Saigon). It’s not because I don’t want to go to Saigon with others but since I have to pay pretty much for my Vietnamese’s visa – we (Arief, Dhi and me) prefer to stay more longer in Vietnam and explore the country. (Hope Alan can make it to fly from Philippines to join us in Hanoi).

The journey in Vietnam will start in Hà Nội then we will go by bus to Hạ Long bay. From there by boat to Cat Ba Island.
After Vietnam, we should be arrive in Bangkok on the 14th April. It will be wet day still in Bangkok when we’re arrive, because of the Songkran Festival. Hope that we will be survive from that… or need to wear our rain gear! And Pak Ef – will take us for dinner.
We will meet others friends in Bangkok then together make our plan to go Chiang Mai. One day trip to Myanmar (maybe we will see).And I am excited to see the Long Neck Padaung Races.. Doooh I really can’t wait!
From Bangkok – I will fly through Singapore, while my friends will fly via Kuala Lumpur. Then fly from Singapore to Jakarta… waaa finally! HOME!!!! Mom… don’t forget my sate manis yaaa and ikan pesmol…. 🙂 Huuuuhuuuu.. thinking about it. My tummy is playing a bad music.
I plan to spend about another 5 weeks in Indonesia. The destinations .. not clear yet. I will discuss later with friends and family out there. I would like to go back to Ujung Genteng or explore Java island. And hiding weekend away to Bali – my former boss offered his new villa for me to stay… don’t want to miss it.
So I will spend most of the month of May in Jakarta. Surrounding by family and friends.
The BudgetThis trip will be my first trip as a backpacker. Never done itbefore… ooh well.. one time i forgot… it was trip from Jakarta – Jogja – Jakarta loooooooooooong time ago. So, I have tried to come up with a realistic budget for my trip, which means that we have researched lodging and transportation costs for all of the destinations of this trip. (wish to get the free hotel from my company so I will become a platinum backpacker – who stay in 4-5 stars hotels.. well as long as it’s GRATIS, who’s care?!). I have also budgeted a certain amount each day for food something that is particularly difficult because I never know what I will be eating or how much I might splurge. Now, my daily budget does not include flights like the one I have purchased from Amsterdam to Singapore and to Jakarta or the one I might soon buy from Jakarta to Bali, or to Bandung – Semarang. Or from Jakarta to Ujung Genteng.
I have budget 12 EUR per day including meals and hotels.
My airlines tickets were paid, My travel/health insurance, I have it already for yearly contract and I purchased all those visas in The Netherlands. So.. I am ready.

Helpful Websites

General Travelwww.lonelyplanet.com www.indobackpacker.com



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