12 days VS 8 Minutes

February 21, 2006

After I went to Indonesian’s embassy in Den Haag yesterday to get back my passport, I went to Vietnam Consulate for apply the visa. I arrived too early and they’re not open yet,2 hours waiting…. well, I don’t want to go back to Den haag again next week.. it’s a long trip. Beter wait for a little awhile. It was a nice day, anyway. A bit cold but nice to walk around.

@ around 1:55PM, back to Nassauplein – The Consulate – not so many people in the waiting room. 1 couples, 1 old man, 2 young Dutch girls, 3 single guys (mm…. go to Vietnam as well? not so bad hehehe) and 1 oriental looks girl. There’s 3 counters side by side.

My turn:
Ms. Juniarti, is this your passport?”
“did you fill the application form?
I did.
“Very well!”.
Do you need my airlines ticket reservation?”
No, we don’t need them but where you gonna stay?”
“I don’t know yet, do you need to know about where I gonna stay while I am in Vietnam?”
“no… not necessary”
“Please wait for awhile, you will be call in a couple of minutes”

After I waited for 8 minutes, I heard my named called. I went to the counter.
“60 euro and please take your receipt and go to next counter to get your passport.”
Next counter – one step to the left (the same guy……hehe thought, I was in the movie):
“Here your passport and your visa, Have a good trip!”
“That’s it? It’s ready.. Giii Thanks.. that’s quick!.”
That’s it. Yeah… that’s it… not even 20 minutes and I got the visa for Vietnam. OOh giii, it’s totally different than in KBRI…. took 12 days to get Indonesian visa. WOAAAAA… super express service! Caùm ôn baø….


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