April 5, 2006

Time goes by…. so fast ! Vacation is in the corner 🙂 oooh It’s almost vacation time. I will leave winter soon, skip the spring season for summer holiday. Yahoooo!!!! The one you’ve dreamed about, diligently planned, researched, endlessly talked about. The tickets are purchased, reservations are made, my George Clooney – made in german version – still enjoy his glory feeling after won the oscar a couple weeks ago so he will be OK, Hopefully he can manage to join me in May. hehehe…I am good to go. My breathe a sigh and feel relief, finally when all of a sudden I realize … MY GOD, I´VE GOT TO PACK! Yeah, yeah. it´s still 17 days to go.. Hallo??? But….but.. but…. all the time, I get confused between what I need to bring and what I want to bring (3″ heels, truckload of books, more hair products than Cher). And after years of traveling here and there with all the wrong luggage packed with all the wrong stuff, not to mention more than my share of extremely bad and sometimes embarrassing fashion choices, I’ve finally got it figured out.

have my suitcase with me and I will leave it in Singapore, while I traveling around in Vietnam and Thailand. And will only carry the backpack as a real backpacker *wink wink – instead carry my suitcase all the way. My suitcase (too bad is not a Louis Vuitton one) is full of my stuff; shoes (most of them not mine :P), one pair of sandal, stroopwafel (in containers, of course!), chocolates, speculaas, and a few comfy clothings.rrr… yeah That’s it… and it is full already. I still have to carry a nice new backpack, my laptop’s and small carry-on bag – for my 2 shirts and a pair of pantalon or skirt, 2 set undies, my small toiletries bag, a little towel and all the important things.

I travel at least once a month and normally I always carry my carry/on rolling bag along or a small travelbag. I have a separate toiletries bag (I restock each time I return home). It has all of the basic personal items (shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, bodylotion) plus I always have my small fristaid bag contain with my headache tablets, band aids, nail clippers, spare buttons and thread, and spare contact lenses 🙂

For clothings, I guess I don´t want to bring too much clothings. Mas A adviced me not to bring too much. Enough with, 3 shirts and the rest I can buy them in Thailand. Daaa…. what I should wear then for the first 6 days in Vietnam? The same one every day.. Neee Jooh! people will notice from my pictures that I wear the same things, really not me And why I should carry that big giant 100 Ltr backpack with me – even it’s bigger than my body – all the way from Holland? Hahahaha…. Aeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh


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