Wild Dinner – Singapore

April 8, 2006

Still Day 1 in Singapore

I arrived in Singapore April 8th 2006, 0635AM, as I flew from Amsterdam, my travel was approx. 12 hours – direct flight. I flew Singapore Airlines, and found them very good.
I took a taxi from the airport to DB’s place – approx 10 minutes with taxi from the airport in Tampines area. The cost to the apartment was S$8.

I was thinking to go to city centre but in my overtired state (can’t sleep on planes), I decided to stay – beside it was raining quite hard.

Singapore is a great place to be for eating out. Singapore has thousands of places to eat. After DB’s arrive from Manila, we went to investigate the food stalls around Changi Village. From distance you can smell funny things – this smell generates from the myriad food stalls all over the city. Basically these stalls are set up in the dankest, darkest places resembling parking garages. There are rows of counters, each run by a different vendor. Above or under each counter are pictures of what they serve, with a preponderance of fish heads (eyes still attached – hahaha someone is immediately a vegetarian) being the main ingredient. As far as I can tell, food and drink are never purchased from the same vendor, so you buy a drink then pick your food, then find a place to sit. My menu: Nasi lemak, lamb and beef sate, otak otak (it was a mistake – really not the same otak otak … believe me!) and teh tarik. Yummie! To eat well, cost you around S$5 or less.

We finished our brunch then spent the rest of afternoon at one café nearby.

We went back to the apartment, and I started to unpack and packing back. It’s very hard to become a light traveler. I was trying very, very hard not to bring a lot of stuff with me. But still….the carrier was still heavy L!

At Ambar’s BBQ party that evening, I met my lovely friend Dhian and the rest of the backpackers J. Finally… While everyone back to the hotel, me and DB, went to Eastcoast – for drinks (drinking in Singapore is quite high prices) I stayed in the Eastcoast area while I was in Singapore, some years ago. Actually, Eastcoast is a very nice area to live in. The Eastcoast park is by the beach. Like other places in Singapore it is so clean and organize. Bicycle and inline skate track and separate jogging track. You can rent a bike S$5 and riding along the park by the beach. You can do your own BBQ too in the park or just sitting down and looking up the sky. Whatever you wanted…


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