Trekking, Kayaking and our Paradise

April 13, 2006

We spent a night last night on Cat Ba Island. The night went very well and quite.
Day 2 Halong tour.

The activities in the morning – At 0900 we went trekking in Cat Ba National Park. We truly don’t know what I expected. For our thought, Jungle trekking means not to climb to the top of the mountain… well…. Hills. Tour guides who have no education take tourists wherever they want; we even had people rock-climbing next to the caves where the languor sleep. It was a hot day – the sun shining so bright and happy and the track to the top wasn’t that easy, particularly the rocky routes – There was little on which to get a foothold and any rock was slippery from the mud. As you know that two members of our group (I don’t need to mention their names) decided no to tackle it and they’re very lucky in the end. We’re so disappointed – there’s no surprise such as waterfalls or some Lions. What we have found only than a little group of mountain goats and a lot of mosquitoe

After 3, 5 hours – we’re back to our hotel for lunch. Our bus came that took us to the small boat to do kayaking.
Do you remember to Moomins or James Bond’s movie? Halong Bay looks like the place they went to where the freaky wee hippo things sailed around in the funny wee boats. Remember? All those blue islands?

Kayaking around a few of them is only enough to get a taste of what could be hidden there. At low tide you can kayak under gaps in the cliffs and explore hidden lagoons in the centre, surrounded by sheer limestone walls and when we made our way back to our boat – we have found our hidden beach… for our own 🙂 Paradise! Imagine the movie from Tom Hanks when his plane crashed and he had to stay on the island by himself and got help from the FedEx boxes? We’re lost here… we’re proud that we have seen this places by our own eyes. Awesome. Fantastic, A real Paradise!

We enjoyed the cruise around the bay with its stunning beautiful scenery of Vietnam. But after a while I started to feel quite bad. So we decided not to spend the night on the boat, but at the Sunflower hotel. That was a very good choice, coz the room was the nicest so far, it was a “good” place to be sick. Then we went back to the island to transit and changed to the big boat.
We had more times to explore the city of Cat Ba. Cat Ba harbor, in late afternoon, was abuzz with more than a hundred small boats preparing for the night’s fishing. Young boys maneuvered among the fishing boats in the bizarre thung chai basket boats made from woven reeds sealed with pitch. The boys were selling provisions and ferrying people to and from the shore. Like water spiders, they skidded along the calm harbor waters, whisking their paddles back and forth with no obvious effort.

We’ve walked around and we thought that this small town had a very nice and relaxed atmosphere. We had dinner at the seafood restaurant to have curry soup and not Sometimes we have the urge to eat something which doesn’t contain any rice or noodles, coz it can be boring sometimes. (only sometimes!) so interesting foods so we decided to have a nice dessert at the other restaurant. Anywayz, We had fun !!!
You only live once… and when you were here around Ha long bay…. you might be thanksful that you have a change to be here.


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