Dapur Babah

May 20, 2006

Shrek Nasi Campur Restaurant

In this old city of Jakarta, Dapur Babah Resto is located. Entering the resto seems like you enter a different epoch in your life, suddenly you are embraced with these all Chinese antiques heritages and ambience from the ear of when Jakarta still known as Batavia. Certainly you will feel you are somewhere and something but Jakarta present time. You will be sinking in the depth memory of old history of Batavia and the Indonesian Chinese cultures while enjoying the food upppsfffh, it’s just something different! Excellent and extra-ordinary dining place I would say.

The resto itself offeres menus that’s a blend of Indonesia, Chinese and Holland cuisenes. So for the starter, bitterballen and oedan bola are the must-try menu, it’s beautiful served, taste not so bad. But their Nasi Gurih Bebek and Nasi Campur Babah is definitely their spcial menu and fully recommended as the main course. It’s all served in a huge wooden plate that’s quite shocking in term of the portion! But we finished it up after all !!! It tasted so good! For the drink, try their straberry rasberry juice that’s not on the menu yet, because of it taste a bit sour you have to drink it with the sugar that’s glued  in the of the glass rim. Just like when you have margaritas!

Dapur Babah

Jl. Veteran 1 no. 18

Jakarta, Indonesia


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