Pedal Power in Valencia

September 30, 2006

Day 2

Mercado Central – 3rd Millennium Route – Beach

As early bird, we don’t have enough time to finish our breakfast in the hotel then jump to our walking shoes followed everyone to go to Mercado Central – The Central Market of Valencia.

We visited the Mercado on the Saturday morning, when most of Valencia’s other major buildings are closed. It is a wonderful old wrought-iron cage with glass walls, a roof, and an energetic buzz of selling activity. Looks the most markets in Indonesia but here is more clean and dry 🙂 The fantastic array of fruit and vegetables is a major selling here. The displays of seafood, fruit and vegetables were very impressive, the cured ham and salted cod also interesting. A separate fresh-fish section. We also enjoyed seeing the displays of sardines in the main market hall – arranged in wheels and looking a bit like fishy sunflowers.

After a glass fresh Valencian orange and a cup of coffee, we continues our morning trip to bicycle rental and biking along old Valencia the dry river bed. This too has been extensively redeveloped, with fountains and pools among the palms, olives, and orange trees, and with the old bridges across the river left intact. We admired the child-friendly Gulliver sculpture and the concert hall en route.

Having spent the morning along the dry river bed – Jardin de Turin, we heading towards to the Art of sciences park of Valencia. A dazzling complex of buildings, parks, and pools that look as if they could take flight at a moment’s notice. With their sweeping arcs, jazzy angles, and shiny surfaces. The City of Arts and Sciences is located at the end of what was once the River Turia, which used to run through the heart of the city, dividing it in two.

After another coffee and snacks in the café Museo de las Ciencias we pushed our bike to the America’s cup. We looked too Dutchie with our bikes – Imagines the city full of 80 people on their bike. Dat is niet normaal in Valencia.

In the Port of Valencia work is underway of a whole America’s Cup. Major work on the Canal and breakwater will allow boats to reach the race area within a mere 15 minutes of leaving the team base in the Port. You can see exactly how Valencia Port is being transformed on the America’s Cup Website.

We ended up our pedal power tour at de Las Arenas and we had lunch in the restaurant El Coso. The restaurants located next to Playa Las Arenas (near to the port) are famous for their excellent paella., After a nice paella and other seafood lunch, we decided to walked along the beach of Valencia – The Malvarrosa beach is known as the Valencia City Beach. La Malvarrosa has an 1800 meters long beach of fine and golden sand and then walked back went shopping at Plaza Aqua. I bought two sweater at Mango and it’s made in Indonesia *Grin.

Wim, Mieke, Marcel, Peter, Arielle and I, took the bus to get back to the Valencia Central from Aqua Shopping Center. And we had dinner and sangria around Plaza Patrtarca, with a view to the Palacio del Marques de Dos Aquas (Marques de Dos Aquas Palace) with the street music, it’s just a perfect evening.


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