Drive Down to Düsseldorf

November 20, 2006

Just got back from Düsseldorf this afternoon after 2 days. I do like this city, even I visit
Dusseldorf many times a year. Düsseldorf is a smart city in every sense of the word. The main shopping area contains some of
Germany’s most famous streets.

Düsseldorf only a short drive from Dutch border. If you see a lot of Dutch people in town, you know that Christmas is coming. The christmas market (Weihnachtsmarkt) in Düsseldorf where you can stock up on the ginger-laden, Lebkuchen, or marzipan-filled chocolates is very popular for Dutch people. In December the yellow number plates of the Dutch clutters the roads and car parks around Düsseldorf.  This city has two major market areas: the Altstadt and Schadowstrasse. Both  have a large collection of shops which people can find everything from handmade jewellery, designer clothing and the ubiquitous Bratwurst sausage.  

Düsseldorf’s market are ideal – not so big and not that crowded. That’s why, every December, the Dutch drive to this town. If you don’t have a car to get there. Take the fast train – ICE, cost you around 30 EURO one way and it’s about 2 hours from
Amsterdam to Düsseldorf. Not so bad he?? Don’t forget to drink 
Glühwein or “Glow Wine” A favorite place to sip a warming glass is outside at the Christmas market.  

It’s easy to find a cheap hotel in the town centre, the public transport system is also cheap, efficient and clean, with trams every 10 minutes, so getting the troops in and out to the many pubs and bars is not a problem. The main area to go is the Altstadt found by the

The city itself is very clean and pleasant, In the Alstadt – the old town – most of the churches and 18th century inns have been restored or rebuilt from scratch after WWII, and even the cobbles have been re-laid. The effect is convincing, especially at night when the bars and restaurants along the Bolkerstrasse merge into one continuous altar to indulgence


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