Britannia Trip: Foods, Drinks en Zo

January 1, 2007

London, London – an expensive of town ever. The Thames is high and the Euro is down. Still, it’s more swingin than ever, so it’s wort the splurge.

First off all, London rocks ! I tell you… It’s not the cheapest place in the Earth, but is still rocks! Lots things to do, to see and most important, lotta to eat and drink…. My God, so many different kind of beer. I am not a beer freak. So I won’t care but still amaaaziiing. Aaah you know – All my trip mostly about eat, eat and eat 🙂 and I am happy.

I had read to eat well in London, and they said that I needed to eat breakfast three times a day and don’t forget Fish and chips. MMm.. well well… and now, some kilos more. No wonder. Below are a few restaurant we ate at:

(stacked pancakes – banana and blueberries with vermont maple syrup)

Giraffe: Love Eat Live. – 7 Kensington High Street, London
Their menu and cooking style puts a smile upon your face. Yummy, fresh and healthy. A lot of choice for vegetarian foods. A really family restaurant and when the food came I was pretty shocked. It looked … very big and pretty lovely. I even took pictures from the neighbor’s plate. Their Pancake…. uuuuh will die for that. Cheers mate 🙂

Bombay Brasserie : Courtfield Road, London.

To those who miss London’s Indian food, have you tried the Bombay Braserrie ? It is very different and has terrific flavors. Worth a try… It was our first night in London. The food was generally excellent. They had a 3 course lunch buffet for around £20. I had Avocado Banana Chaat, Tandoori Lamb Chops, Palak chaat, Naan bread with garlic. Excellent Choice 🙂

Fish ! – Cathedral Street, Borough Market.

Fish and chips is definitely an English icon. It would be a surprise if you can find this elsewhere in the world. Even in my hometown Jakarta. (remember the one in Kemang?). Fish! located in the middle of Borough Market. Foodwise, stick to the simple things & you’re unlikely to be disappointed: ‘delicious’ fish pie, ‘excellent’ oysters. Well.. being honest. I still love eating fish with Indonesian way :). Very tasty and finger licking good.


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