Jakarta Underwater

February 2, 2007

(photo from BBC News)
Banjir lagi.. banjir lagi.. Halaaah…
Raining in Jakarta = Problems, No Rain in Jakarta = (also) Problems

Banjir lagi? UUuuh the old excuse it’s not funny anymore. The Jakarta floods is become trendy eachyear. The big national problem.

It’s raining season in Indonesia. Jakarta as the capital city of Indonesia (40 percent of the city is below sea level) is struggling again now with heaviest flooding after 2 days raining. I was trying to call my parents, relatives and friends. Mmmmhhh…. no connection at all from regular phone. But finally got through via cellulars. They said the Telkom has problem. Grrrrrrrr….. I know that My parents will be safe place. Their home is in the high level area of South Jakarta. That can give me a good sleep at night. But how about the rest of family and friends?

As I can remember, Jakarta is turning to a very mmm… busy and busy city. Everytime I came back to Jakarta – I got a lot of headaches hehehe… for me – the village girl, Jakarta was too busy, too crowded. Too many cars, too many people, too long trafficjam, too many new massive buildings, giant shopping malls, real-estate industries around Jakarta and I believe they builded that without concern for the surrounding environment. Did you ever see the big green area in Jakarta??? No.. absolutely not. The massive real-estate developments surrounding Jakarta have replaced thousands of hectares of irrigated rice paddies, small lakes, and other natural habitats. Some of these estates are even built on water catchment areas. Did you ever realize that?

The worst affected are the poor living in the low-lying areas of the city. Their homes have either been destroyed or badly damaged. They have nothing left. Is Jakarta a victims from bureaucratic indifference and corruption???


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