Schöne Belgisches Land – Germany

February 23, 2007

Weekend hideaway or just one day away? Voila a surprise place for nice weekend trip to
Solingen. Around 2 hours by car from Amsterdam. SOLINGEN, Germany, in Westphalia, near the Rhine river, stands on a hill bordering the
River, 20 miles northeast of
Cologne. It has Catholic and Protestant churches, a synagogue, schools of various grades, hospital, electricity and all the conveniences of a modern town. It is a center of steel and iron industry in

The municipality was established in 1374 and the town became famous for its sword-blades. There are numerous metal factories which turn out fine cutlery, copper and brass-ware, and surgical instruments, etc., while several thousand workmen make small articles of cutlery at home. In addition, there are paper, linen, cotton, silk, soap and other factories. Solingen cutlery as been famous since medieval times and is supposed to have been introduced by crusaders from
Damascus. Pop. 165,000 in 1997. (“Wappen” translates to standard in English}

After a long drive, we got to the guesthouse in Solingen-burg – a nice small local hotel with a friendly owner. We arrived at the hotel same as before the night camedown.  A nice clean hotel.  The room was in the attic with living room separate from the bedroom,  big windows and wireless internet connection free € 50 euro per-night including breakfast in their restaurant or in the room. We spent our Saturday to walk around the Solingen-Burg. Went up  to schloss burg. and yes this is called Schloss Burg which when translated means palace castle. Schloss Burg Castle, A few kilometers from Solingen, is located the Schloss Burg (Castle Berg), home to the Counts of Burg, who initially used the site as a fortress beginning about 1000 A.D. during the time of the crusades. Today it is a part of the 600 year old, world renowned flatware center of Solingen, and was the actual capital of the

Land during the Middle Ages. It was the seat of the Counts of Burg, who ruled their delightful little realm from here.
Well it’s Solingen Burg really and it’s astoundingly beautiful a real castle not a palace with everything you would picture of a castle. It’s German .  

After made around in the caste we stop at the restaurant and had a yummy Deutschen Küche The Hausgemachte bauernsülze and also enjoy the traditional große bergische Kaffeetafel :


 Waffel, Kaffee, Hefeblatz oder Rosinenstuten, verschiedene bergische Brotsorten (Schwarz- und Graubrot), Honig, Birnen-, Apfel- oder Rübenkraut, Konfitüre, Butter, Quark, Käse, Wurst und Schinken, Milchreis mit Zucker und Zimt 

Or translate in English : 

Waffel, Coffee, raisin bread, different sorts of bergische bread (black bread and grey bread), honey, pears herb, apple herb or beet herb, jam, butter, curds, cheese, sausage and ham, round-grain rice with sugar and cinnamon…. Lekker! 

The unique Coffee/breakfast table “die Bergische Kaffeetafel”. Came from the famous old tradition from this area (bergische land). The price for one person :  € 7 (not so bad for that big meal).Receipe for creme waffle (hard waffle) • 250 g butter or margarine • 100 g sugars • 1 packet Vanilli -sugar • 4 Eigelb • 125 g wheat flour • 125 g Gustin • 6 g (2 gestr.  Teaspoon) Baking powder • 1/4 l creme

• oil


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