Walking in The Rain – Mount. Halimun

February 26, 2007

after a couple of weeks postponed, finally 6 of us – salla, theres, charlie, nina, miumiu and moi – made it to Mt. Halimun National Park in Sukabumi area last weekend.

A leisure trekking to the largest mountaineous tropical rain forest in Java. The long & ‘tacky’ road that had to be taken to reach the area is the one of the reason we couldn’t made a ‘full’ exploration of the foreplanned spots to be visit and of course, the warm blanket in the cloudy weather made it more difficult…

one day is definetely not sufficient to do the exploration & to enjoy the biodiversity of flora, fauna, waterfalls, mountains offered by this forest!

Anyway, we did enjoy the 3 km jungle trekking, walking on the 100 m canopy trails (suspended bridges at about 25-30 meters from the ground and connected by 5 huge trees), dipping in Macan Waterfalls (what’s better that playing in the water after such a trek? ), smelling the afternoon breeze at Nirmala tea plantation **and saw the black eagle…. uugghh, he’s flying so beautifully!!). To end the day, watched glowing mushroom in the pitch dark nite at the jungle! It felt like seeing so many stars on the ground!!

‘Reserved’ for next visit to this misty forest: Citalahab Village, Curug Piit, Curug Cikudapaeh, Ciptagelar Village….

*from Sue


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  1. Interesting!

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