Let’s go Eastern Europe

May 5, 2007

The Holiday wish List:
where you going on holiday? Kayaking in the Andes, golfing in Portugal or sunbathing in Thailand? Face it, everybody needs a holiday from time to time. A change of air, a different environment, meeting new people or simply taking time for yourself can really be of benefit. How many times do people asking “where shall we go this year?” Is it to be hot or cold, adventure or boring, sun or shopping, city or countryside? – wherever the destination of holiday, I might need some new shoes – help!

There are as many different holiday options as there are people wanting to take a holiday! So I checked my holiday wish list and trying to figure out which country I would love to visit this time. Cuba – too far for 1 week holiday, Transsiberian will be different but again not enough for 1 week only. Then Eastern Europe ….. mm.. yeah Let’s go to Eastern Europe, and Budapest seems a great destination. Why?

1.Splendid location
Budapest was created by the unification of Buda and Obuda on the hilly west bank of the Danube and Pest on the flat east bank in 1873. About 30 years before that the first of the present 9 bridges, the Chain Bridge, was constructed. Today in has become the symbol of the city. The Buda view including the Castle District with the royal palace and the Matthias Church, and Gellert Hill with the Citadel is a World Heritage site.
2. City of medicinal baths
Budapest is the world’s only city and capital where there are more than 80 thermal springs and wells. From these about 70 million litres of water come to the surface daily. The number of baths in the capital which are fed by natural medicinal springs or drilled thermal wells approaches fifty. Among these there are Turkish baths in their original state, open-air pools and elegant Jacuzzis, but hospitals and spa hotels serving all needs have also been built on the healing waters. Some medicinal waters are suitable for treating digestive complaints, kidney and metabolic diseases by means of drinking curses.

3. Caves and nature reserves
The Buda side is the capital’s green belt with popular spots for outings. Janos Hill, Szechenyi Hill, Hars Hill, Remete Hill and Harmashatar Hill are parts of the nature reserve area of Buda. Beneath the hills lie interconnected cave system. The country’s third longest(7.200m) stalactite cave, Palvolgyi cave, can be seen here as well as the Szemlo Hill cave, famous for its peastone formations resembling bunches of grapes.

4. Ancient roman culture
The medicinal springs were already known at the time of the Romans. Their town built in today’s Obuda was for this reason called Aquincum (aqua=water). The remains of the Roman towns, military camps, baths and aqueducts can still be seen in Budapest today. In the museum in Aquincum among the ruins and remains of the civilian town a portable water organ made in 228 can be seen.

* * * *

The Plan:

Plans, arrangement and preparations detailed. And now, money can be spend. After a few days browsing the net and I really want to make this trip perfect and fit with our budget. There’s some only travel company offered the package (incl. Flight, Hotel). but we decided to book directly at their own website for our flight. Sky Europe appeared to fly from Amsterdam to some other destinations in Europe. And if you’re lucky you can get a return ticket for only € 0.02 with plus € 50 airport tax. It is very cheap. It’s too good to be true. Too bad – no ticket available with that price on the date we wished to go. In the end we will fly to Budapest with KLM…. go Dutchies go..

I used the internet again to find a good place to sleep. I found many hotels, but eventually I saw this website with apartments, They offered a lot of privacy in the middle of the city centre of Pest with a very good deal price 😉 The better choice than staying at the hotel.


We will have 6 days exploring the city – It will be a lot to see. Budapest – Bratislava only 200km away. The capital city of Slovakia and Budapest – Vienna  only 245km.. hmmm…


Flight from € 60 – 250 per person incl. airport tax

Hotel/Apartment: from € 50 – 250 per night


Budapest Tourism  Office : www.budapestinfo.hu

Airlines: www1.skyeurope.com, www.klm.com, www.easyjet.com, www.wizzair.com, www.airberlin.com

Hotel/apartment: www.bookings.com, www.vrbo.com/vacation-rentals/europe/hungary

Taxi: www.bud.hu/english/transport/taxi

Rent a Car: http://www.avis.com/AvisWeb/home/AvisHome

PS: don’t forget to check whether you need a visa or not to get here!!!

Special Thanks to His Excellency Kang Denny Zain – The CEO from Balkan’s Women Trade Market Associatation for the information.


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